Monday, November 24, 2003
Do Protesters Care About Other Countries?

I saw a kid yesterday wearing a shirt that had a picture of Dubya with the caption, "International Terrorist" safety-pinned on his black shirt, black jacket, and black tight pants equipped with more safety pins gripping anarchy patches and the like (I wonder if he knows he's conforming?). I thought to myself, "I wonder if he sympathizes with the Iraqi people he's supporting," and quickly answered, "no, of course not." I looked on the I-net (which is what I now call the internet because I'm awesome), and realized that first, he had to order the large patch from one of many websites with a credit card, and secondly that the patch costs upwards of $35 Canadian (differing from site to site).

Being a Texan, and an American, I of course asked what reason the guy had for calling Dubya a terrorist. To answer my question he said something about how he didn't agree with the killing of all the innocent and poor people living in Iraq. Now I understand why he wouldn't "agree" with killing innocent people, but after seeing only the cost of the patch he was wearing, I find it hard to believe that he knows or even cares about what the Iraqi people are going through. Apparently they're not "going through" too much, seeing as how most of the people in Iraq want the US to stay (thank you Steyn). I concluded that he was just spouting lines from somebody else who wanted to be shocking.

My conclusion brought me to another question: Do protesters care about the countries they support? Are they protesting because they hate the US, or because they have nothing better to do? Riddle me that.

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