Thursday, November 13, 2003
Fascist-Communism: "It Works"

In this time of turmoil, tact, and textiles, there is an apparent lack of leadership in the form of government. What this world needs is something new; something that takes a fresh perspective on the social well-being of society in general. The solution can only come by combining the two most opposite types of ideologies: fascism, and communism (with a lowercase 'c'). One cannot find this in the dictionary or encyclopedia, unless it is seen under "oxymorons," but soon everything will change once this short explanation is complete.

In the western world, where politicians are elected, there must be a revolution. Democracy has begun to deteriorate, and with the deterioration comes civil unrest. A change is needed before the rot forms mildew on all the edges of the Electoral college. The wave that will sweep the nations is "Fascist-Communism," or the eloquently coined: "Communazism." Skeptics have been up to their norms, calling Communazism "Stupid," "Dumb," and some even go so far as to say "Gastric," but their weak stomachs will not be able to handle what is to come, and they should probably be sent to an island somewhere. Now to the meat.

Communazism is the movement defined by the union of a class system, and the absence of a class system; a paradox. Although a paradox has never been so explicable. Communazism consists of a two class system, a ruling class, and a non-ruling class. There are no subclasses in these two classes, therefore succesfully constructing the classless class system. The ruling class, consisting totally of whole-hearted "Communazis" will rule the non-ruling class, or "Communotsees," in the most socialist way possible. The "Communazis" will share all the money and power amongst themselves in order to better control the "Communotsees," which will be in a constant state of confused uproar. The well-being of the "Communotsees" will be top priority to the "Communazis" of course, because the "Communazis" will always be in threat of being overthrown. The "Communazis" will appease the non-ruling class by throwing money at the problems, and eventually the "Communotsees" will revolt again, continuing the unending cycle; thus forming an equalibrium of society, and achieving happiness to all. The "Communazis" will have all the money and power they want, and the "Communotsees" will be able to whine, and complain for anything they want; a perfect world.

Communazism will take western culture by the ears, and ram its revolutinary knee into the face of democracy; creating a shockwave that will emanate the voice of reason to the four corners of the world. Oh how the world will be a better place for all.

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