Wednesday, January 14, 2004
"We have a terror-cane heading in from the southeast, bringing hazardous conditions. Everyone in the area should buckle down, and stay indoors."

Pollution, CFC, the Greenhouse Effect, a hole in the Ozone layer, emissions, and second-hand smoke all make the mind think of two ideas: changing weather, and "our planet's going down the tubes." Why do these collections of letters emancipate feelings of horror in North America? That is a good question.

Before the time of pollutants, harmony and peace ruled the world with an iron fist; then the Industrial Revolution occurred. What sparked extreme growth in technology, and knowledge? Historians say that the Industrial Revolution was the next logical stage in the development of the Western world.

While other countries like France had much space for agricultural survival, England was beginning to grow beyond its capabilities with its limited land and resources. Natural cause and effect took place, the cause being a limited agricultural territory, and the effect - the development of new ways to produce goods. England prospered for many years in its newfound industry until other countries saw the good that came of manufacturing produce. Soon the entirety of Western Europe and North America was industrialized for better of for worse. Railroads were built, steamboats cruised the rivers, and people found new and improved ways to kill each other. A new stage in naval warfare was developed, and leaders were able to, "Speak quietly, and carry a big stick." Along with growth came poverty, and everyone knows the stories well. Sometime later the modern age was birthed, and while the struggle for Rights began, the belabored mother of peace and harmony delivered the sickly child of terrorism.

Historians say a lot of stupid things. On the other hand real answers and hard facts are about to be spilt upon this page with unmatched zeal.

Remember the list of words in the opening? Think about those again. What really sparked the Industrial Revolution? In the Middle East, before the revolution, was a group of brooding Orthodox Radical Islamic Fundamentalist Communist Russians looking for something to hate. The ORIFCRs saw England's position, and decided to make a move. The group understood how the world worked, and clear to them was the ability to create pollution by industrialization. Creating this "pollution" was not the only goal however. The ORIFCRs believed that in the future there would be massive amounts of pollution in many forms, enough even to change the atmosphere, and create new weather patterns eventually destroying the planet beginning with the West.

ORIFCRs: the Weather Terrorists. Oh yeah, we're screwed.

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