Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Laurie - A Biography

When Laurie was young, she was deeply emotionally abused by her older brother Eric. He left scars that she would remember for the rest of her life. By the age of 7 Laurie had more anger than Austin when he found out some CRAZY politician won the election that he didn't like, and believe me THATS BAD (that's bad, that's really really bad). So finally, Laurie snapped. She decided to take over the world.

Since Laurie is EXTREMELY smart she started making WMDs ( Weapons of Mass Destruction) to threaten the World Leaders. At the age of 10, Laurie had moved to Canada, which nearly ruined her plans. This was because Canada HAS no WMDs and nothing she could use to make WMDs. Canada does not have the same supplies as America does for war weapons. This enraged Laurie even more.

Finally, at age 11, Laurie had created the worlds BIGGEST, SCARIEST, EVILEST, BEAUTIFULIST, AWESOME POSSUMIST WMD.

On July 16, Saddam Hussein stole her beautiful weapon. Laurie finally gave up and calmed down, but in secret she is planning to take over the world with the help of her newest family member, Krysta Medeiros. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN WATCH OUT WORLD CUZ IF YOU MAKE ME MAD I'll KILL YA (KILL Ya, KILL ya, KILl ya, KIll ya, Kill ya, kill ya!)

[Yes, I must say: my sister is now, certifiably, insane. And I think my 'Goodness' rating just fell even lower. -- Ed.]

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