Friday, October 24, 2003
al-Qaeda Attacks The Internet?

Unbelievable. I heard about this several days ago (I'm quite tuned into the blogsphere myself) and my first reaction was one of disbelief: "Surely not. No, this is just some prank. Can't be real - I mean, terrorists? What do they care about weblogs?"

But sure enough, the traces have been done. And now it's making news.

Of course, the point of these attacks was to silence one specific blogsite - Internet Haganah (this is a mirror site, not the original) - which has made a hobby of trying to shut down the websites that terrorists use to recruit members and refine methods of attack. And, as usual, the terrorists' actions (ie. Distributed Denial of Service attacks) have only served to increase the number of people interested in the target site (and its mirrors). I've added it to my BlogRoll.

This still seems surreal - terrorists (and yes, it would appear that they are based out of Malaysian service providers) are trying to 'down' the anti-terror Internet. Even in small ways, the war against terror goes on. Chalk up one more life illusion shattered.

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