Wednesday, October 22, 2003
T-Shirt Partisans

The National Post has some very interesting observations by one Barbara Kay on the politics of T-Shirts. I read this about lunch time, and was so struck by the truth of what she said that I had to root through my backpack (in the middle of the food court), pull out my pen, and underline some of the more potent quotes. For example:

Nowadays, academic gurus -- virtually all left-wing -- do the R and D on theory, download it into their students as packaged, sloganized positions and these eager acolytes, superficially empowered but context-deprived, market them in demonstrations and marches. They in turn are applauded, not for their intellectual rigour, but for their mindless passion.

This is probably the first time I've experienced what my mother has referred to as 'enlightening reading" - I read this article and was jolted out of my seat (nearly, but it helped that the seats were the small, flimsy plastic ones usually employed by mall food courts) by how accurate Ms. Kay's observations were. I would not have seen this, had she not written it. So there you go, Mom - it finally happened!

There's more, and better, stuff - go read.
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