Thursday, November 13, 2003
And In Toronto...

...there was snow. Ach! It's not even American Thanksgiving yet - there can't be snow! Man...

I like snow. It's very pretty, and clean, and white, and nice if you're warm by a fire with the ground outside blanketed in a carpet of crystal; but in REALITY, snow is 'neat' for around 30 seconds - then you have to go stomp through it, slushing your way to class or the car or on errands or to the gym, muddying your boots and tennis shoes, soaking your slacks (or worse, your jeans, which take forever to dry), drenching your supposedly 'waterproof' coat, wetting yourself to the bone, arriving at the cluttered entrance to your home to find it tracked with sludge, and feeling like a miserable puppy who just got beaten around by a large cat and dunked into the almost-freezing water of the local river - no I don't like snow (and yes, this is the longest sentence in all of recorded history).

But it's not sticking yet (though that's sure to happen soon), and that's at least one positive thing I can take from this weather catastrophe. Heck, if humanity is affecting global warming, then I've only got one thing to say: step it up!

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