Sunday, November 30, 2003
Answered Easily Enough...

Okay, Laurie. Perhaps you are right. Maybe I don't give enough time to the good things there are to say about Canadians. Perhaps. But I'd like you to do something for me.

I'd like you to read through the archives of this website (they are in the right-hand column) and point out specific posts where I single out Canadians and disparage them. After all, if I'm always harping on the poorer characteristics of our neighbors, then it's going to be there, right?

Please point out where I've done this. If you can show me a recurring theme of "Canada-bashing" on this blog, then I'll grant you your point. Thing is, though, I don't think you can. Because I don't bash Canadians, and I never have, nor will. Not because I think they are "The World's Best Humans," but because I think that they are human, period; and as such, they deserve the same respect I accord any other human being.

Now, those that I do 'bash' (and that's really an ugly mischaracterization of what I do), I come down on as individuals. I've made comments, for example, about Hillary Clinton, a former friend of mine, and I've discussed the inability of one country to fully appreciate the pain of another, no matter the proximity - but I've never said "This Race" or "That Nationality" or "This Gender" and then equated those terms with behavior one way or another; not in a serious discussion.

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