Friday, November 07, 2003
Europe and the U.S.

Wow. In all my reading, in all my time spent perusing the Internet and blogs and newspapers and news magazines and... - in all that time, I have never read something (secular) that affected me as greatly as this has. This settles, in my mind, for once and for all, that Mark Steyn is a brilliant commentator, and possibly one of the most important political writers around. Here, he has summarized the issues, examined the deepening rifts, predicted the future of European and U.S. relations, and made clear what is going on, big-picture style.

Honestly, I find this frightening. I agree with him, but that doesn't make it any less scary. Unless things soon (now) reverse direction...but culture doesn't stop and about-face on a dime. These things take time, and time is not something of which Europe appears to have an abundance. No, things do not look good. Heck, Old Europe has been an enemy in principle for a while now (ie. ideologically opposed to anything the U.S. does), but how much worse will it be in a few decades when they're living under Sharia?

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