Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Ugh. I'm so bogged down with work, it's nearly unreal. I've got upwards of 12,000 words due in various classes over the next week and a few. To top this all off, my creative side is firing on all cylinders, too - I've just topped 16 pages of notes for one of my current story ideas, and I've had inspiration hit for a second, as well (it's coming up on four pages now). So much writing, so little time.

Plus, I've got to read to stay up with class discussions! Ah well...this is what I signed up for, I suppose. You, on the other hand, signed up for nothing, as far as this site goes - and while you've received something for nothing so far, keep in mind that the amount of work I have is inversely proportional to the amount of blogging I'm going to have time to do. I'll try and get out a post per day (as has been the pattern for a few days now), but, again, I can't guarantee anything; but hey, what do you care? You aren't paying for this anyway!

Oh, and just so you know, there's so much going on in the political blogsphere of late that I'm moving into a near-shellshocked state. I'm just too overwhelmed with work and writing in general to give you many of my own opinions. That's not to say I don't have these opinions (my family and friends can tell you this is certainly not true - I've got too many opinions for my own good), just that I can't really sort through them at the current time. So you'll have to go elsewhere for your information. Any of the links in my BlogRoll (on the right side of the website) will take you to interesting commentary and news - note that I don't vouch for ANY of it, make up your own mind. As far as one specifically, I'll give you two:

Instapundit is the granddaddy of blogs (he's even got an Internet phenomenon named after him).

James Lileks' Bleat is something you should read every day.

And, of course, we all know how much I enjoy Mark Steyn. (Oh, so it's three...who's counting?)

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