Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Writing Binge

Man, when I break a wall, I don't leave a brick standing!

Perhaps a little background: I have several literary projects going, aside from my school writing (which takes precedence), but until the middle of last week, I hadn't added anything to any of them in over four or five months. Reason? Well, I just didn't know where I was going. I had a few ideas, but they were all for new projects, so I jotted them down, and set them aside (nine is more than enough, thank-you-very-much). So I'd been staring at these partially begun novels, short stories, tirades, experiments, and beating myself (mentally) over the head because I couldn't finish them. Couldn't come close.

Then something changed. Last week, my housemate and I began working out together regularly. We had had several false starts earlier in the semester, but I finally got fed up with myself and forced the point. So we began working out. And wouldn't you know it? Art (my housemate) got sick. Well, there goes my workout - I've never in my life gone to the gym without someone else. I lack the motivation. Or, I should say, I used to lack motivation. Now I can't stay away from the gym.

Art's sick, true, but that hasn't stopped me. I've worked out three straight times without a partner, and it may wind up that I work out alone again tomorrow. The great thing is: I no longer need someone there to push me. This is a momentous break through; and it's having effects elsewhere in my life, too.

Which is really why I wanted to blog this: my writer's block is gone! I've been jotting down notes on stories I'm currently writing (one in particular) ever since I started back at the gym, and I'm making incredible progress. I've got nearly ten pages of handwritten ideas - and each of those ideas will take up several pages of text. This thing is gonna get done. Heck, I'm able to blog more often, too, after I started working out on a regular basis.

Plus, there's an episode of 24 on tonight. Yeah, things are definitely looking up.

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