Monday, December 01, 2003
And Finally...

One final post, and then we'll move on, okay?

At home, I do several things. First, and foremost, I vent all my frustrations that have accumulated from the past week. Second, I air new ideas I've been tossing around, run them through the family filter, and find out what I really think. And thirdly, I use a dry and sarcastic humor that those in listening range know is just that - humor. So what you hear at home isn't really what my positions are.

See, Mom and Dad are really very intelligent. (Heck, Dad went to MIT and UTexas, and Mom taught us all in school for years - subjects including Calculus!). They can spot holes in arguments from a mile away. So when I come home with some new idea, I want to discuss and debate it with them, to see if the concept 'holds water.' Usually it doesn't, or requires some modifications, so I make those changes, and keep working out the kinks. But because my mind works the way it does (and Mom says Dad is like this, too), I have to speak before I really understand what it is that I think. Understandably, this has led to some rather large problems and embarassing situations, so I've learned to first run things by those people I trust, and who understand what I'm doing.

So now that that's aside, what does all this mean? It means, dear sister, that what I say at home, in private, isn't what I truly and finally think. Rather, it's what raw emotion, or rudimentary consideration, has brought to the front of my mind at the moment, and so I play with it for a while until it resolves into a reasonable whole. Then, and only then, do I talk about it outside my 'safe zone.' Yes, this means that you can ignore what I say at home (unless I'm babysitting), because most likely, I don't believe it.

So now...what about some of that poetry?

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