Friday, December 05, 2003
And Now It's Time For: Bush...IN SPACE!! (Echo Echo Echo)

In October I wrote about the Communist Chinese government's plan to excavate the moon's "riches for the benefit of humanity" (National Post has rotated the story off of the Web). I questioned the sanity of such a proposal.

But yesterday...

President Bush wants to send Americans back to the moon - and may leave a permanent presence there - in a bold new vision for space exploration, administration officials said yesterday.
Peeve Farm and TMLutas' Flit have already made some humorous and interesting points (respectively) about the idea. And I'd like to point out that the U.S. has no plans to reduce the moon's density (whew!).

Now, I'm a Science Fiction man (I entered this phase of my life via the Star Wars films back when I was a kid - which is a long story in itself), but I've been moving away from the 'pulp' stuff for years now, tending to focus on the 'hard' sci-fi. You know, stuff like the colonization of Mars - or the moon! So you can imagine how this series of real life events strikes me. If the Bush Administration can set this in motion...oh, that would be so sweet! (Sorry, reverted to a teenager for second).

Obviously, there's still a lot to consider, and a lot of preparation to undergo first - and hey, it might not even get off of the ground. But the idea of going back to the moon stirs the kid in me (not that far gone - some would say he never left) back to dreaming.
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