Saturday, December 13, 2003
Dr. Dean's Doctrinal Doom

Lee Harris, over at Tech Central Station (TCS), has taken a look at Howard Dean's plans for leading the country in the war on terror, should he gain the Presidency:

If the Dean Doctrine of Preemption requires the United States to act only when it [has] diplomatic certainty of an attack, then the best that can be said about it is that it would have been a wonderful doctrine in the world that ceased to exist on 9/11; but in today's world it is as out of place as the therapeutic use of leeches.

Real certainty is no longer available to our leaders in the post 9/11 world The next threat can come at any time, without any warning, and without any certainty as to its magnitude; it may be a car bomb or an atomic bomb -- and this is a simple fact that those who aspire to be our leaders must master as quickly as possible; and preferably before they are called upon to make decisions on which our survival will depend.
Seems the good doctor has been found severly lacking. Perhaps a Common Sense IV drip is in order?

[The editorial staff apologizes profusely for the title of this entry. -- Ed.]
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