Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Oh, Those 'Brave' Terrorists...

Saddam's control over the terrorists that continue to harass US patrols and kill Iraqi citizens seems more and more in doubt (though this is not a new development). The 'insurgency' (read: attempts at terror) continues rather unabated after the apprehension of the former dictator. The thing is, though, that twice now we've heard stories coming out of Iraq of ambushes laid for US forces that end badly for the ambushers. 54 killed in one instance, and now 11 more would-be attackers perish at the hands of Coalition forces.

Remember back when, immediately after 9/11, Bill Maher said on his show 'Politically Incorrect' that these terrorists were being described as cowardly, but were (in his eyes) displaying bravery by hurtling themselves into the twin towers? Here's another example of that stunning 'courage:'

In the ambush Monday afternoon in the town of Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad, guerrilla scouts released a flock of pigeons as the U.S. patrol approached, apparently as a signal to other fighters, a military statement said.

Two gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on the vehicles, and then took cover among children leaving school. [Emphasis added -- Ed.]
Get that? These guys are so brave, so upright in their behavior as 'freedom fighters,' that they take it upon themselves to use school children as human shields against return fire from the soldiers they (unsuccessfully) attacked.

(Irony about 'freedom fighter' label - so these guys are fighting against the forces coming to free the population from dictatorial rule, desiring to re-oppress the people of Iraq, and are still labeled as fighting for 'freedom'? Mr. Orwell, we have learned nothing!).

But I was thinking - given the incredible success of the Iraqi army under Saddam's leadership, and the mirrored achievements of the terror groups, who's to say Saddam wasn't coordinating both? He certainly displayed the same amount of skill in both venues.
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