Sunday, January 25, 2004
Allow Me To Elaborate

Well folks, I've now got my first spin-off blog! My brother Evan, who has posted here on occasion, now has his own blog, The Raging Silence:

I've decided to make my own blog. I have created this blog because a few people have told me they would like to read something more from me, and my brother (the transplanted Texan) posts so much on his site, that my posts are overshadowed. My style is also different from my brother's therefore making it difficult for people to read especially when my posts are very far off topic. While I will most likely still post every now and then on his blog, I will do most of my blogging here for my own enjoyment.

I hope that anyone who reads this blog will enjoy it, but keep in mind that I am not as politically minded as my brother, and my posts will, perhaps, be more of the humorous variety.
Go, read, and enjoy!
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A webjournal of ideas, comments, and various other miscellany from a Texan university student (with occasional input from his family) living in Toronto, Ontario. Can you say "culture shock?"

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