Monday, January 19, 2004
It Begins...? [UPDATED]

A few months ago, I touched upon the threat of fundamental Islam taking over in Europe. Well call me crazy, but it looks like this is where it begins.

France's drive to better integrate its five million Muslims looked shaken on Monday after a weekend of protests against a looming ban on Islamic veils and a bomb attack on the car of a senior public official of Muslim origin.

The veiled schoolgirls chanting "Allahu Akbar" (God is greater) in marches across France and the bomb that destroyed the car of the newly appointed prefect for the eastern Jura area have cast doubt over the policy of winning support among moderate Muslims.
My personal feelings (echoed here) on the French ban of 'religious symbols' are strongly negative - if France wants to better integrate its Muslim populations, it needs to find a better way - but the point in the story that most concerns me is the fact that violence and bombings have already started. This does not bode well.

Given the French elite's penchant for corruption, I think the attempts at integration are being made by the worst possible representatives.
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