Friday, January 16, 2004
More Evidence?

This could be important:

The U.N. nuclear watchdog confirmed Friday that Iraq was the likely source of radioactive material known as 'yellowcake' that was found in a shipment of scrap metal at Rotterdam harbor.
Now a few caveats - it is only barely refined, it's a small amount, and it probably came from a known mine that was operating in Iraq previous to 1991. Okay, that's out of the way, let the questions begin: why was it in a scrap metal shipment to Rotterdam? How did it get to Rotterdam? Is it a remnant of a larger source? I have no information or knowledge about the science required here, but is it possible that it is over a decade old? If not, does this prove Saddam (or his underlings) were harvesting uranium after the sanctions were in place?

So many questions - and answers will only come with time. Along with the earlier discovery by Danish troops of shells that may contain mustard gas (one test says yes, another says no, a third is currently running in Idaho), this has the potential to add to that earlier pile of evidence I mentioned.
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