Monday, January 26, 2004
A Wealth Of Additions

Just a brief note to let everyone know - the 'link list' (on the right) has been thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded. Thanks to Blogger's new Atom software technology, I now have a site feed that is compatible with quite a few NewsReader applications (for those of you in the know, it is not RSS, but is supposed to be compatible). I've also added links to past musings I've had on varying subjects, now easily available for your perusal.

Further, I've added a Friends & Family section to my BlogRoll, and skimmed and trimmed the list to reflect that. Archives are now located at the bottom of the column, and I'm currently researching a 'search' feature for the site. That may take a bit, as I can't devote a lot of time to it just yet. Stay tuned for further developments.

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A webjournal of ideas, comments, and various other miscellany from a Texan university student (with occasional input from his family) living in Toronto, Ontario. Can you say "culture shock?"

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