Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Well, THAT Was Disappointing...

So I'm headed down to campus yesterday evening. It usually takes twenty minutes or so (depending on where I'm going) to get to class, and it was snowing like I've rarely seen, so I allowed a full hour to get to the lecture. Turns out, I needn't have bothered, as it still only took me upwards of twenty minutes to arrive, even in what I was told later were 'blizzard-like conditions.' (That was probably an exaggeration by my informant, but I'll milk it for all its worth).

So I'm in the class room, one of a number of students waiting for the professor to arrive. As I'm rather early (I blame the too-prompt TTC), I pull out my latest novel for my Canadian lit class and begin to read. It's rather absorbing, and before I know it, it's 7:15. Class begins at 7:10. No professor. Well, it is snowing pretty badly out there. Give him a few more minutes.

As it approaches 7:20, the rest of the students start to get antsy, and a general conversation breaks out - "What's going on?" "Where is he?" "Is the snow that bad?" "Should we wait?" During this confusion, it comes out that the Prof. has said before that he only lives a five minute walk away from the building. There must be something wrong - perhaps he's sick? Something happened?

Half of the half-filled room starts packing up to head out, the other half giving the Professor the benefit of the doubt and waiting until 7:30. 7:30 arrives, and the quarter-full room collectively groans. No Prof, no class. Griping ensues, as the rest of us pack up to head home.

When I arrive, I discover that everyone else in my house knew that there were no classes this afternoon - the decision was made three hours before I left. "So let me get this straight - even though a majority of the class was able to get to the lecture room, and even though the TTC was still running, they cancelled class anyway? If we were all able to get there, why couldn't everyone else?"

Ah well...at least I got some reading done.

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