Thursday, February 19, 2004
Days Of Plenty

There's an awful lot of stuff going on today, but nothing seems to strike my 'must-write' chord. I'm not really sure what all the components of a 'must-write' topic are, but I do recognize them when they are presented to me. I know that I must feel passionately about the subject - sometimes this means that it makes me angry, or that it offends my sensibilities, and other times it means that I'm moved to exult. But sometimes, like today, even that isn't enough to get me to write.

There are certainly enough things that I've come across today to anger me into writing (news on North Korea, for example, or the resurgence of widespread European Anti-Semitism [warning: Emperor Misha has extreme opinions and voices them with extreme language]) - but nothing has really tripped my trigger. Sometimes (as happened earlier this morning) I'll come across new tidbits of information on stories I'm already invested in, and so I'll throw up a short post alerting readers to the new info - but that's not 'real' writing (apologies to Instapundit).

I do have rather extensive pieces of commentary waiting in the wings (including one on dishonesty theory that I've been mentioning for months), but, again, I only seem able to write on those 'treatises' at certain times. I suppose I could blame my muse - but does one really need a muse for non-fiction and opinion? I don't think so.

So I'm left to pretty much blather on about I'm doing now. Heh. Okay, I'll stop.

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