Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Money Troubles

The Liberal Party of Canada. They've run the country for 75 out of the last 100 years. Though less than 40% of the nation voted for them in the last election, they carry a majority in the Parliament (I'm not Canadian, and I don't understand...but perhaps many Canadians don't either - explanation below). And now the fruits of corruption are discovered.

The federal government's controversial sponsorship program reached into the RCMP, Via Rail and Canada Post to funnel millions of dollars to friends of the Liberal party, Auditor General Sheila Fraser says in a bombshell report released Tuesday.


The "deeply disturbing" practices continued virtually unchecked for four years, often using Crown corporations to make payments the government could not make itself, Fraser reported.

Liberal-friendly communications firms collected millions of dollars in commissions -- at times for simply transferring cheques from one body to another without providing any other service.
A lot more will be said about this, probably by me, definitely by others. But it's late, and I need to get some sleep before class tomorrow. Therefore, for comment, I will point you to Andrew Coyne and Paul Wells, both of whom are infinitely more familiar with the workings of the Canadian Government than I.

I took my education from Will and Ian Ferguson's incredibly insightful book How To Be A Canadian (Even If You Already Are One):
CHAPTER 14: How The Canadian Government Works

It doesn't.

Good night, all!
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