Friday, February 27, 2004
Something That Slipped My Notice [UPDATED]

Look at the 'Posted By' tags at the end of each of the posts on this page. See anything odd? Yeah, that's right, it says 'Supernova.'

See, when I was signing up here at Blogger - heck, when I sign up for ANYTHING nowadays - I instinctively filled every blank given to me. Call it a remnant of high school scantron sheets, but I feel uneasy about leaving slots blank. So when I set this blog up, I used Supernova (my online alias) in the Nickname slot.

Now, I've been reading recently (though the 'furor' has died down a bit) about the pros and cons of anonymous blogging, and I have to admit that I'm more likely to side with those who blog under their own name - or who at least don't prevent people from rather easily locating their identity - than I am with someone who uses a pseudonym. Chalk it up to my 'obsession' with Truth, but there it is.

So I realized, this morning, that Blogger was tagging all my posts with my online alias, rather than my name (Austin) or my login. This struck me as hypocritical - even though you guys didn't know my stance on anonymity, I knew - and so I've taken steps to change it. So, from now on, I'm blogging as me.

Well, there you go, blogosphere - I'm metaphorically naked! (And the movement into exhibitionism is complete [shudder]).

Ooooh, the change in nickname has automatically changed every tag on the site - nifty!
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