Monday, February 09, 2004
Step Away From The MP3 Player! Sir! Do Not Push Play!

Wonderful. Now we can have MP3 players in our AK-47s.

A BRITISH-based company is selling MP3 players which can be attached to an assault rifle.

The "AK-MP3" player is built into the ammunition clip of a Kalashnikov and can be swapped with the real magazine.


Former Russian rock star Andrey Koltakov, a partner in the dotcom company offering the AK-MP3 for sale, said: "This is our bit for world peace - hopefully, from now on many militants and terrorists will use their AK-47s to listen to music and audio books."
Right. Yeah. Actually, this will bring about world peace - just not the way the creators expect. Watch, this will wind up in some Private's weapon as he's on guard duty, thinking no one will know when - oops! - he's confronted with the enemy. Up comes the weapon, click goes the trigger, and Milli Vanilli start crooning in his ears as the terrorists - who, by the way, would never listen to that infidel, satanic music - easily blow him away. And one by one, the Armies of the West shall fall.

The replacement 'magazines' cost from $480 to $965. Do you really think terror organizations will shell out for this? No. The targeted demographic are the Western Armies' soldiers. I can just see it: "iPods, now with terrorist-killing action!"
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