Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Success!! (Sort Of)

I've done it! I've successfully incorporated an RSS feed of my iTunes history into my blog - now you can see what I've been listening to recently (included above the current track is a link to my AudioScrobbler profile, so you can get a more indepth look at my listening habits). Also, thanks to Jason's link, I've been able to put together several editions of the new 'South Park' version of me - which will serve to let you know how I'm feeling on a given day. All of this is now available in the sidebar for your perusing pleasure.

Oh, all right - I'll explain the post's title: the 'Sort Of' means that I didn't get exactly what I wanted. The track listed in the JavaScript table isn't actually what's going to my ears at this moment. AudioScrobbler (at the moment) only lets you access the past 10 songs that you have added to their database. Which means that everything you get from them and their feed is on a significant delay. I've put in a request for a feed version of 'Now Playing' - which would be EXACTLY what I'm trying to show you - but who knows if it will materialize.

It's really a minor thing, though - real time music? Who cares? - so I'm content with things the way they are. When I get my own server and domain, then I'll be able to host the code myself, and I can do my own realtime automatic updates, rather than mooch off of benevolent bestowers of bandwidth.

So now I've got my music, my mood, and my mind all on display. Yeah - exhibitionism, here I come.

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