Saturday, March 06, 2004
I'd Just Like To Take This Moment To Say...

' I Told You So'.

Marchers have taken to the streets in both Washington and New York to blame whatever has gone wrong in Haiti on President Bush, who has become, for the Democrats, the universal source of all evil in the world.

In the photo below, marchers in New York allege that President Aristide was "kidnapped" and that "Haiti's Blood is on Bush's Hands."


Haiti's blood is on the President's hands, presumably, because Bush waited too long to intervene, and should have helped Aristide by sending Marines to fight the rebels. Well, that makes a certain amount of sense if your concern is mostly about preserving Aristide's government, not about American interests. But wait--the third sign says "U.S. and French Troops Out of Haiti." If we took our troops out of Haiti, the rebels would be unopposed and would slaughter Aristide's allies and Aristide himself, should he try to return. Hard to discern a coherent policy there.
It's sad, really - opponents of Bush are hitting a new low. The ignorance displayed is both incredible and disheartening.
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