Thursday, March 11, 2004
An Interesting Sort Of Hypocrisy

Brian, over at Peeve Farm, explores Republican stereotypes [strong language warning]:

"Why shouldn't friends let friends vote Republican?" I'd ask, innocently, like a good brainwashed right-wing Pakled.


Republicans are racist! Sure, everybody knows that! All Republicans are secretly KKK members, or at the very least Pat Robertsonites, which is just as bad. Uh huh... never mind that it's the Democrats who were the party of the Confederacy, the Democrats who were the slaveholders, and the Democrats who fought hardest against desegregation and Civil Rights. Today, racism is but a shadow of its former self. Sure, there are the inevitable racist conservatives, who are roundly condemned by their fellow conservatives when they show their true colors. But let me tell you: I have never seen so much alarming, casual racism as I have from my tolerant, compassionate, multicultural liberal friends.
He covers several points, and creates a great primer for the defense of conservative viewpoints. RTWT (Read The Whole Thing).
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