Monday, March 08, 2004
Just When I Was Ready To Pack It In...

...stuff like this comes to my attention.

The government is trying to find out what happened to a federal sponsorship grant that was supposed to aid the famed Bluenose II schooner, but apparently never arrived.

"We're tracing funds that may have gone adrift, and we will be getting them back," Public Works Minister Stephen Owen told the Commons on Monday.

At issue is a $2.3-million cheque that was directed to the Bluenose through Lafleur Communications, a Montreal ad agency that played a key role in the now-disgraced sponsorship program.

The trust that oversees the schooner - a major tourist attraction in Nova Scotia - says it received only $359,000.
It's a multi-topic news story! It fits neatly into both the Adscam debacle, and the recent stream of 'crazy' news out of Nova Scotia. Ah, politics and money - was there ever a worse coupling?

[HatTip to Daimnation! for the story.]
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