Thursday, March 25, 2004
The Nature Of Islam

Unbelievable. Robert Spencer has spent more than twenty years examining and studying Islam and its followers. Recently, he has come under attack for the things he has observed. The results are just...mindboggling.

Here is a personal attack on me and on Jihad Watch from Amir, a Muslim in Britain. (Thanks to Harry.) I get attacked all the time, and ordinarily wouldn't bore you with the details, but this one is interesting. Look at why this guy is angry:
AoA. I hope there isn't a Muslim in the whole world who stumbles across "Jihad Watch" and falls for the crap Robert Spencer is pumping out. Him and his loyal band of anti-Islamics (who flood his article comments with Islamaphobic preaching) have dedicated time and effort to make an influential impression on people, mainly Muslims, to re-write the meaning of Jihaad and make people believe it. Mainly Muslims.

Spencer hasn't necessarily studied Islam for the purpose of calling people away from it, he isn't a fanatical enough of a Christian to be doing that, he's instead studied Islam for the purpose of convincing Muslims to adopt incorrect Islamic concepts -- namely on the issue of jihaad. From the Muslim perspective it's not as bad as apostasy, but still pretty damn bad.
Leaving aside his characterization of my own religious faith, look at what he says about jihad. In his view, evidently, violent jihad - warfare against unbelievers - is the correct Islamic concept, and when I call upon Muslims to reject it I am asking them to veer close to apostasy.
It's just stunning - his opponents are quite literally demonstrating that his positions and observations are correct. Further, they are angry at him not because he has observed their positions, but because he is actively trying to discourage people from taking them. "Don't you dare try to dissuade people from killing in the name of Islam!"


[HatTip to Little Green Footballs.]
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