Monday, March 08, 2004
Step Right Up!

Good morning, and welcome to Canada's Liberal Party Squabbles! Today we have two humdingers, each promising to provide weeks, if not months of solid political entertainment value.

First, in the center ring, we have the notorious Sheila Copps - recently ousted from her Hamilton-East/Stoney Creek Riding - just about calling for a UN contingent to sweep in and verify the oh-so-close upset she suffered at the hands of Tony Valeri. Money shot:

On Sunday, Copps said she wants to review the numbers before making a decision. At least 400 of her supporters were unfairly challenged at the polling booth, she said, including her mother and riding association president.
Her own mother, ladies and gentlemen!

In the sideshow, our second feature of the season, we have insults a'flyin' as Carolyn Parrish is accused of bribing voters to show up in her support at the Liberal nomination vote.
Upset with Parrish's offer of a $500 door prize for party members who show at the nomination meeting, last week a Mahoney supporter asked the Ontario Court of Justice to pursue illegal lottery charges.
Lotteries, bribes, money to be had for all; and it doesn't stop there. Marvel at the insults to which politicians in the same party will resort - "scorched-earth polic[ies]" school children's tales, obnoxious child-like behavior, name-calling, and so much more! And look! Another money quote:
"Can you believe that? Parrish's guys are challenging my wife Katie's right to vote!... I've had enough. She attacks my wife in public, accuses my wife of being against religion. I mean, this woman is so low in the gutter that it's a shame that she's standing to represent the Liberal Party."
Gutterballs! Mothers and Wives defamed! All on the next episode of Liberal Party Leadership - stay tuned!

[HatTip to Andrew Coyne.]
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