Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Whew! Here I sit, on Wednesday, circa 2pm EST (or is it EDT? I can never remember), in the library across the path from my third of four appointments today. I've gotten through Monday's opening half of my CanLit final, Tuesday's double-whammy Ancient Israel paper/final, this morning's CanLit wrapup, and my appointment with the registrar. Now I've got around 45 minutes before my Buddhism 'presentation' (really just a group talk) and then it'll be another two hours until my Philosophy of Math final. And Brian is complaining about his fix?? [BTW, Brian, you really need to correct your Permanent Link feature - there's something wrong in your template. I can help this weekend, if you'd like/need. -- Ed.]

Ah, well. To tide you over, Brian (and the other myriad readers I have who can't get enough of this junk - ha!), here's a PowerLine entry that expands upon my Ann Coulter post a few days ago.

When the terrorists murdered American servicemen in Somalia in 1993, Clinton retreated. When they plotted to assassinate former President Bush and the Pope, Clinton had no comment. Even when they plotted to assassinate President Clinton himself in the Philippines in 1995, Clinton took no visible offense. When, in 1995, a plan to blow up twelve airliners simultaneously over the Pacific was discovered at the last moment, Clinton thought no response was necessary. When more than 300 people were killed in the bombings of two American embassies in 1998, Clinton finally reacted by attacking a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan--but only, to all appearances, to distract attention from Monica Lewinsky's grand jury appearance the same day. When a bomber was discovered en route to Los Angeles in 1999, intending to blow up that airport on the eve of the millenium, Clinton was unconcerned. When the USS Cole was attacked in Yemen early in 2000 and seventeen sailors murdered, Clinton vowed retribution in the form of a military reprisal, but never got around to doing anything before leaving office. And, of course, most notoriously, Clinton had at least two opportunities to kill or capture Osama bin Laden, but passed on them because he wasn't sure the lawyers would approve.
Hope that helps...I'll be back to semi-regular posting after Easter. Now, to the next test!
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