Friday, April 30, 2004
As If You Needed More Evidence... [UPDATED]

Well, looky here. It seems that the Communists over in Vietnam would like to extend a warm hand of gratitude to those who opposed the Vietnam war.

Twenty-nine years after the end of the Vietnam war, communist military mastermind General Vo Nguyen Giap remains grateful to the Americans who opposed it.

The Vietnam War, known in Vietnam as the American War, has become a hot issue in the U.S. presidential race with Democrat John Kerry drawing attention to his service and President Bush's Republicans disparaging Kerry's later anti-war stand.

"I would like to thank them," the 93-year-old veteran said on Friday of those Americans who opposed the war.
Oh, yes - wonderful, ringing endorsement. I can hear it now: "Join with the ideology that has condemned more than 100 million to death - protest American involvement in the world!"

In other news, the Communist hammer and sickle are still not as despised as the Nazi swastika - never mind the fact that Communists have killed 15 times as many people.

Daimnation points to Michael Coren's latest column in which he recounts some of the reasons we have to abhor any mention of Communism (as we abhor any mention of Naziism).
TODAY IS May Day. And it's a good thing working people can claim a day as their own and celebrate their efforts and triumphs.

But the day has also been used over the decades to proclaim socialism and communism and to wave the red flag. It is supposed to be the colour of justice and equality. Unfortunately, it is more the colour of blood.

From coast to coast to coast this country is populated with victims of socialist states. Russia, Ukraine and the various Soviet republics. Poland and the other East European nations raped by Moscow. China, Vietnam and an assortment of African and Middle Eastern countries ravaged by Marxism at different times in their history.


So much loss, so much pain.

So on this day let us remember the people of Ukraine who were starved, beaten and murdered. Let us remember the Soviet guards outside enormous food centres, watching as Ukrainian children died of hunger. Let us remember how The New York Times denied this was happening.

Let us also remember that The New York Times knew of the Holocaust and yet never gave it more than a token mention.

Let us remember the Poles -- their best and brightest killed by Marxist socialists from the east and National Socialists from the west. Let us remember that the gangster Stalin prevented Polish Battle of Britain pilot heroes from marching in London's 1945 victory parade, so obsessed was he with snuffing out Polish identity.

Let us remember ethnic Germans murdered and transported by the Soviets. Let us remember the millions killed in the new Marxist dawn of Cambodia, some of them simply because they were able to read and write.

Let us remember The Cultural Revolution in China, with the blood running under the doors of the mass prisons -- and clever people in the West lauding China's Communist party leadership for its actions.

Let us remember the terrified boat people of Vietnam fleeing firing squads and concentration camps.

Let us remember all of those who died because of a twisted philosophy.

For those I did not mention by name, forgive me. There are just so many to list.
Far too many.
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