Monday, April 26, 2004
London Paper's Got Guts

Wow. Now this is something you'd never see in North America. For one, it's a clear acknowledgement of perspective and opinion. For two, it takes serious chutzpah.

SADDAM-supporting MP George Galloway blew his top yesterday after The Sun sent him a barrel of OIL.

Mr Galloway claims he has never seen one - so we arranged for him to have his own 200-litre drum.

It came as the Glasgow Kelvin MP fiercely denied pocketing ?1million from Iraqi tyrant Saddam.

His name was on a list of people allegedly rewarded by the dictator with vouchers for millions of barrels of oil.

We delivered our drum, complete with Sun logos to the front door of his £500,000 [1.2 million CAD] home in South London.

It sat in his drive for three hours before he dragged it away and hid it from view in an 8ft privet hedge.

One passer-by applauded our gesture and said: "Good on the Sun for sticking it to Galloway. He's so oily."

Angry Mr Galloway, 49, told Sky News yesterday: "I have not benefited by a brass farthing from Iraq, the Iraqi regime or any businessman dealing with Iraq. This is a smear campaign."

And he was less than a barrel of laughs about The Sun's gift of oil.

When we asked if he would comment on why his name had appeared on the list put before the US congress, he said: "I don't have to explain myself to The Sun. I'm not going to talk to you. Why talk to guttersnipes?"

Shall we take that as a No then, George?
I can't help but laugh at Mr. Galloway - his name was on the list of Saddam's bribery beneficiaries discovered in Iraq and released worldwide, and he takes umbrage when someone confronts him about it? I think he's got some 'splainin' to do.
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