Tuesday, May 18, 2004
It Begins

Well, folks - it's official. Today I begin my diet/exercise program (doctor prescribed, friend-enforced). This morning, I picked up the book that my doctor recommended, ate my first "health-conscious" set of meals, and began my workout routine with a warm-up cardio re-introduction (20 minutes on the eliptical trainer, along with quite a bit of ab-work and stretching...it builds from there). Tomorrow I'm going to 'run' (read: walk briskly/jog) in a nearby park with my housemate (which will be a regular occurance) and hit the gym again after classes (as I did today). For the first time in my life, I actually believe this can work. I've got people holding me accountable. I've got a doctor's order to give things urgency, and I've got my own (very strong) desire to kick this weight issue.

So, all that as a preface for this: prepare for blogging to be light over this summer. I'm going to be purposely spending a lot of time away from the computer (both for my last classes and for getting out and active) to make my lifestyle a more healthy one, and that's going to cut in on my blogging. Not that I was all that proliferate to begin with, but now things are going to be less so.

Eventually, I may ease back into the blogosphere; but things will never be as hard-core as they were before. My health and well-being come first, and if the computer is cutting in on my exercise time, then it's gotta take a back seat.

So, with that, folks, I ask you to pray for me (or wish me well, if you're not inclined to religious endeavors). The goal is 100 lbs. of permanent weight loss - and I'm gonna hit it.

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