Monday, May 03, 2004
Liberals And The Media

Granted, this article by Andrew Sullivan was written just under a month ago, so I'm late joining the party; but I stumbled across it today (as I was taking a break from studying), and found that I needed to point you to it, dear reader:

Educated liberals, after all, decry populism. A large part of their self-esteem is bound up in believing themselves better educated and more enlightened than the average person, certainly smarter than, say, George W. Bush. So actually getting on the air and engaging in irresponsible, shameless spin and ideology goes against the grain. Conservatives, in general, are happy to confess their biases. Liberals like to think their biases are actually reality. That's why they are much happier on, say, the BBC or, in America, on National Public Radio, which bores and uplifts the average listener into eventual submission to centre-left orthodoxy. And they're objective, of course. There is no bias at the BBC or NPR. Just professionalism!
Portions of this article go hand in hand with my own analysis, and others delve into wholly different aspects, but the whole thing deserves your attention.
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