Friday, May 07, 2004
Moore Follow-Up [UPDATED]

Ah, he admits it. From the London Independent:

Less than 24 hours after accusing the Walt Disney Company of pulling the plug on his latest documentary in a blatant attempt at political censorship, the rabble-rousing film-maker Michael Moore has admitted he knew a year ago that Disney had no intention of distributing it.

The admission, during an interview with CNN, undermined Moore's claim that Disney was trying to sabotage the US release of Fahrenheit 911 just days before its world premiere at the Cannes film festival.

Instead, it lent credence to a growing suspicion that Moore was manufacturing a controversy to help publicise the film, a full-bore attack on the Bush administration and its handling of national security since the attacks of 11 September 2001.


Moore told CNN that Disney had "signed a contract to distribute this [film]" but got cold feet. But Disney executives insists there was never any contract. And a source close to Miramax said that the only deal there was for financing, not for distribution.
As my mother asked when I mentioned this story: "Why does anybody listen to him?"

And, notice too, that the NYTimes, once again overeager to blast the President on any little tidbit, falls for it hook, line, and sinker:
A front-page news piece in The New York Times was followed yesterday by an editorial denouncing Disney for censorship and denial of Moore's right to free expression.
Nevermind that this is not an issue of free-speech at all, but now the 'Paper Of Record' looks bad on account of Moore's back-tracking. If people don't wake up soon, Moore may run the Left into the ground all by himself - and that's not good for anyone.

[HatTip to Jeff Jarvis, who has some good comments.]

From The Corner comes this interesting tidbit:
Note the changed headline on the Independent's Moore story:

Last night: "Moore admits Disney 'ban' was a stunt"

Today: "Moore accused of publicity stunt over Disney 'ban'"
Tag this one "Media Seeks To Help Moore Out."
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