Monday, May 17, 2004
A Summary

There's (always) a lot going on in the world right now, on much of which I have little to no knowledge - and for those issues on which I do have information, I also have a multitude of semi-contradictory opinions. But as it happens, I don't have an insistent desire to write on any of it. I think much of it is important, and I think you should read quite a bit of it (as I have here, here, and here), but while great gobs of that information fit a series of posts I'm continuing to update, none of it can quite trip the writer's trigger.

I suppose it's because I'm getting back into 'school mode.' Or perhaps it's because I'm just feeling rather bland. Either way, I have a conundrum: there exists information of which I believe you need to be aware, and at the same time, I lack motivation to write at length about any of it. So, allow me to posit a solution: gratuitous linking!

Read about the Canadian connection to UNSCAM here, the recently discovered sarin gas in Iraq here, a damning of both sides' involvement in the Iraq war here (along with a response here), Mickey Kaus' ongoing argument for a faster handover of power to Iraqis here (and continuing below), an intriguing view of the "root causes" for the Abu Grhaib disgrace here (along with comment by Mickey Kaus - scroll down to Thursday, May 13, 2004), the response of Palestinans to their gay supporters here, and of course, the usual other sources of Blogosphere information located here.

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