Saturday, June 12, 2004

Can I hammer this point home yet again? Power Line takes a look at what's going on with those "two" LA Times polls that were released a few days ago.

On June 10, the Los Angeles Times published poll findings that purported to show John Kerry with a seven-point lead over President Bush. The Times headlined its poll "Voters Shift in Favor of Kerry." The poll results were reported world-wide, generally as fact, notwithstanding that other polls, less well publicized, have shown very different results.

The administration's chief pollster, Matthew Dowd, called the Times poll a "mess," noting that it had obviously over-sampled Democrats.

The next day, June 11, the L.A. Times published another poll, this one headlined: "Going to War Not Worth It, More Voters Say." In this poll, respondents said by a 53% to 43% margin that the Iraq war was "not worth it." This poll, too, was reported world-wide, and hundreds of newspapers reported as fact that a majority of Americans had turned against the war.

But, as the eagle-eyed Dafydd ab Hugh points out, it doesn't appear that the Times ran two polls at all...
Ugh. Even the polls are being manipulated. Go, read, and be enlightened. Oh, and stop reading the LA Times.
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