Sunday, June 06, 2004
The Fear Of Democracy [UPDATED]

You know why certain political groups don't like Harper's policy of allowing free voting in Parliament (as opposed to strict party-line voting)? Because they only like democracy when it is certain that they will win - that is, not at all. Le blog de Polyscopique has more.

Pearson, Trudeau and Mulroney all "hid behind the House of Commons" if this is the way we must describe the act of "letting Parliament pronounce itself." The MPs that wanted to abolish the death penalty benefited from this freedom of action; why should it be denied to the MPs that want reinstatement? The role of Parliament is to introduce, to debate and to pronounce itself on bills; why fear so much that we could let it do its job?
Indeed. As I commented on Laurent's blog a few days ago, if "you want accountability in government [then] this is the first step." Let 'em vote, Mr. Harper!

Let It Bleed points to more fear of representative democracy. I tell ya, I wish this kind of attitude surprised me - I really do.
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