Friday, June 04, 2004

Bob Tarantino is on a roll.

"The Chr├ętien government's decision not to enter the Iraq war is a defining moment in Canada's foreign-policy history."
Well, yes, it was a 'defining' moment, but probably not in the way that the laughable Chretien and his groupies would like. For the first time in our history, our government looked at our three staunchest allies (the US, the UK and Australia), then looked at a mustachioed Jew-hating dictator who had murdered somewhere around one million of his citizens and thought to themselves 'we're sticking with that guy'. Nice.
Glance up at the title of this post. Indeed.

Oh, there's not going to be a big post today - I'm just surfing aimlessly, and not really up to any kind of structure in my postings. Random tidbits throughout the day (until I head home) are to be expected. A return to the Long format either tomorrow, or on Monday.
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