Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Personal Updates

Hey, folks!

Sorry for the lack of posting today - things were a bit hectic 'round here.

To answer Brian's question, no yesterday's multitude of postings did not come at the expense of a workout - class has ended early for the past three days (including today), and this has allowed me to get to the gym earlier than usual, and get home earlier than usual - so this left me with more time to blog.

As for today's goings-on, I've been writing. A lot. I'm nearly done with the first draft of my first short story - all that is left is to write up the conclusion to the plot (woo-hoo!). The second and third stories are also well underway.

Before I launched into my fiction-writing escapade, however, I wrote (and turned in) my first 'position paper' for American Lit. We discussed these papers in our seminar, and I'm pleased to announce that if the TA grades according to the way our discussion went, I might just have netted myself an A. I honestly owe this grade (assuming it comes back as good as it feels like it will) to this blog. It's allowed me to sharpen my argumentation skills to the degree that this paper was quite possibly the easiest I've had to churn out in all of University (I was to defend or attack a critic's view of Edith Wharton's novel Ethan Frome - I was able to use a semi-Fisk style to demonstrate the weakness of his position).

I'm rambling now, as I'm tired (long workout), and ready for bed - so I'll let y'all go (not that you're held here anyway). See you tomorrow, when I hope to (finally) return to my long-post format. 'Night!

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