Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Sigh...Here's More

Looks like we get an object example of exactly why we must be careful even when watching the Nightly News. From the New England Republican, here's the annotated transcript of the D-Day Tom Brokaw/George W. Bush interview as compared to what actually ran.

Last night while flipping channels, I came across the tail end of the Tom Brokaw interview with President Bush in Normandy, France. While Brokaw repeatedly tried to catch him in a gotcha moment, the President came across as thoughtful and gave well-reasoned answers....

Since I had missed the beginning, I decided to go to the NBC site to see if the video was available. As I watched the video, I also read the transcript. Although it was not my intent, this allowed me to see what had been edited out of the video. I was not surprised to see that whole questions and answers had not been used in the video. However, I was surprised to see that important portions from the middle of some of the President's answers had been deleted out, in some cases removing points that helped the President present his side to the American people....

I have posted the transcript from the interview below and I have bolded the portions that were not shown in the video. I have also interspersed some of my thoughts as well.
[HatTip to Tim Blair]
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