Friday, July 02, 2004
Various Updates

I've added a few links to my BlogRoll that I'd like to bring to your attention, as well as a nifty new feature that replaces the round-about way that I was handling post email notification.

First, we've got Diary Of An Anti-Chomskyite, a blog devoted to ruminations vis a vis Noam Chomsky (aka "A Blight Upon Humanity"). I've retitled the link (the length of the title would make my formating go all crazy) as "The Anti-Chomskyite." Go pay him a visit.

Second, we've now got a link to the wildly popular Protein Wisdom. Jeff Goldstein's wacky and (possibly) drugged-out commentary can now be reached from my linkbox. Scary.

Another link I came across the other day, but won't add to my BlogRoll as such (it's too issue specific for my tastes), is Fahrenheit Fact. Initiated two days after Michael Moore said he'd sue anyone attempting to point out his errors, the site is a_sdf and RecoveringCynic's attempt to call Moore's bluff. In their own words:

Fahrenheit Fact is a joint presentation between a_sdf and RecoveringCynic...Here we attempt to bring to light those "other" facts about Michael Moore's new film "Fahrenheit 9/11". We try not to make this an opinion blog- it is a fact one. We make sure to source every post, and will either cite or link to the source of the provided fact. It is our desire to see a well-armed populous that is ready to evaluate the film from an informed perspective.
Go read it every day, assuming you're interested in this sort of thing.

Last, but most cool - I came across the nifty Bloglet service today, and discovered that it will work much better than my (admittedly bloated) email notification YahooGroup work around. Those of you who are already to subscribed to my YahooGroup will be added to Bloglet's system, but if any of my readers (ha!) would be interested in email notification of my posts (which will begin to appear more regularly now - funk is over!), add your email into the form box in the upper right. Progress is such an awesome thing.

Oh, and on a weight/personal health note, My diet/exercise plan is really starting to work! I've been told by no fewer than five people this past week/end that I look 'smaller.' On a less subjective scale, I've been able to comfortably fit into the desks in the classroom for about a week and a half now (where before I would scrape my skin everytime I tried to put down the desktop). Very cool. No word yet on my actual weight - I'm trying not to focus too much on numbers, as I don't want to get discouraged. But things are looking good!

Well, I'm home for the Canada Day/Fourth Of July weekend (we're gonna drive to Niagara to see the fireworks on Sunday - sweet!), so blogging will probably be light until Monday. See you then!
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