Wednesday, September 29, 2004
They Pegged Me...

An interesting quiz to see what kind of political entity you are.

It would seem that I'm one of those ever-elusive "neocons" (though I've held these views for as long as I can remember, so the 'neo' seems out of place):

  • Want the US to be the world's unchallenged superpower

  • Hmmm...I would say that I see the US is the world's unchallenged superpower, but don't think it is a bad thing.

  • Share unwavering support for Israel

  • Check - a Western Liberal Democracy in the Middle East? Heck yeah.

  • Support American unilateral action

  • Check.

  • Support preemptive strikes to remove perceived threats to US security

  • Half-check - there's pages I could write on this, but it's late...

  • Promote the development of an American empire

  • Whoa, now. This is one of those things where I'm gonna have to disagree. Want to make me happy? Replace the word empire, or place a boat-load of modifiers in front of it. Niall Ferguson and I have a lot to discuss.

  • Equate American power with the potential for world peace

  • Mmmm...perhaps. I don't think the world will ever be fully at peace, but I do see America as the world's best hope.

  • Seek to democratize the Arab world

  • Check!

  • Push regime change in states deemed threats to the US or its allies

  • And check.

Historical neoconservative: President Teddy Roosevelt

Modern neoconservative: President Ronald Reagan
The Christian Science Monitor (producer of the quiz) summarizes my answers to its prompts with a bit more scorn than I like, but their anti-neoconservative bias aside, if I'm grouped with Teddy and Ronnie, I'm content.

[HatTip to Chrenkoff, who also links to an eye-opening interview with Christopher Hitchens that deserves more comment. But I'm heading to bed, so I'll save it for later.]
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