Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Been a while. Things are progressing for me, and life is pretty busy. I finalized the terms for the sale of my computer today, and will make the exchange in Toronto tomorrow evening. That means I'll be without my own computer for a week or so (depending on how fast Apple can ship my new laptop to Buffalo).

Hence, you can expect a further lack of posts for a while longer. But after that, I'll be able to devote more time to the makeover of this site, and I'll start regular posting again.

Further, my first six columns are in at least rough draft stage, and as soon as I hear back from my contact at the local paper, I'll be able to submit them (polished, of course) for consideration. Exciting!

After negotiating with newsprint, I'll start searching in earnest for a 'real' job. That way I can start the money flowing again, and work toward getting out of my parents' basement (which I am grateful to have, etc. etc.). Freedom, life, and possibility call. Here's hoping I can give the right answer.

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