Friday, September 24, 2004
What To Address First?

Ahh, the Internet. It moves at the speed of thought (which, by the way, is far faster than the speed of light). A news cycle on the Web turns over in a few hours (if that), and a commentor (yours truly) is lucky if he or she can get ahold of just one meme that hasn't yet run its course.

There's so much going on, and I have so little to add to most of it. I have opinions on it all, of course (I can fashion an opinion on most anything in a few seconds), but that doesn't mean it's worth your while to read it.

But to the point. There's so much running 'round the blog-circuit that I think it's futile to even attempt to write on it. So I'll see if I can't address a topic that I haven't seen anyone touch on.

I think we need a title for bloggers like Jeff Jarvis and Jay Rosen - bloggers that philosophize on the role, attraction, and form of blogs. I propose "Blog-Theorists." These writers are on the cusp of what I see as a new sub-domain of philosophy, and they are applying what they've seen and think about the various attributes of media, advertising, commerce, journalism, politics, and society to the blogosphere.

Currently, I'm writing a freelance primer on blogs for my local paper, and I frequently finding myself dipping into the archives of Jarvis, Rosen, and Bill Quick (among others) for quotes on and explanations of the machinations and attractions that the blog-form has for people. There's some fantastic thinking going on in this philosophical area of the 'sphere, and I think it's time we recognized it.

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