Monday, October 25, 2004
Problems At Campaign Desk

I was reading Campaign Desk today, as I usually do, when I came across a "Blog Report" by one Liz Cox Barrett. I noted with irritation her condescending conclusion, and made a forum post addressing the issue. What follows is the text and links I left, including one pointer to an earlier post of mine on the work of the same Ms. Barrett. So sad to see the media "watchdog" succumbing to the same laziness that the larger media outlets are falling into...though perhaps not surprising. After all, Columbia's School of Journalism is one of the assembly lines that produces today's journalists. It's only logical that the problems of the mothership would be reflected in its spawn.

Here is Liz Cox Barrett in today's "Blog Report":

Apart from Jonah Goldberg on The National Review's The Corner...we were hard pressed to find right-leaning bloggers mentioning it at all -- proving once more that the blogosphere contains Venus (lefty bloggers) and Mars (right-wing bloggers).
Gee, Ms. Barrett, you sure must be 'hard pressed' fairly often. Immediately after this note in your post, you cite Captain Ed's perspective on the Washington Times' John Kerry story. Did you not see this post at the top of the page? Or is reading the full text of a web site being 'hard pressed?'

What about Roger L. Simon? He's not exactly right-wing, but he is in favor of Bush and supports the War (which I suppose is enough to make him 'right-wing' by the media's simplistic standards). He's not exactly low-profile in the blogosphere, and he's got this post on the subject.

And how about JustOneMinute's Tom Maguire? He's been regularly linked by large blogs like Instapundit for a few months now, and provides incisive commentary from the right. Again, not exactly a low-profile blogger. He's written at length on the subject on which you are "hard pressed" to find any right-wing opinion.

Perhaps the blog mentioned in the Washington Post's Best Blog poll (runner-up to The Corner for Best Inside The Beltway) is high-profile enough? Bill at INDC Journal is rather right-wing, and he posted on the subject this morning at 7:37am.

You know, the more I read Campaign Desk, the more often I see how inept this group's 'fact-checking' truly is. Should I add this to the pile of mounting evidence that Liz Cox Barrett and CD as a whole are exemplary of the problem plaguing modern media? Should we be surprised that the media is performing as poorly as it is when its 'watchdog' is this lazy?

Or perhaps we can forgive Ms. Barrett. After all, it's not like she knows any right-wing thinkers. And wading through their blogs gets you all 'icky' - can't stand to be down there with the masses, them being lower beings and all. It's only reasonable that she'd spend as little time as possible in their midst. Right?
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