Saturday, October 16, 2004
This Is Becoming Repetitive

...but I wanted to assure you that my posting schedule will be re-established in short form. I'm sprouting a lot of ideas, and am ready to explore them. First up, the modern relationship between corporations and unions, and how it must change in order to survive (with a special focus on current events in Hamilton).

Further, as I continue to look for employment, I'll need a regular schedule to make sure I'm writing constantly. In keeping with this, look for at least three posts a day, beginning on Monday, in addition to whatever I write about in my 1000 words per day.

I may be burned-out on politics, but I'm starting to get excited about writing again. So stay tuned, gentle's about to get a lot wordier.

(And special note to Jason: I'm not looking to retake my established place as primary 'researcher,' but at least you'll be able to get inside my head again...)

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