Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Another One

Yet another good friend of mine has hit the blogosphere: strangerAttractor is the new web-home of my former housemate and fantastic conversationalist [Is that even a word? -- Ed. Yep. Gotta love word-intuition!] Matt Shultz. He's a rarity in Southern Canada these days - I've only ever met one other person quite like him - in that he's a hardcore libertarian/anarcho-capitalist (read: the source of all evil). While we don't always see eye-to-eye, I get a great thrill from his perspectives, and frequently have my worldview shaken up. It's always stimulating, and our conversations turn me onto new areas of study that soon dominate my free time. [Curse you, Shultz! -- Ed.]

So why are you still here? Go read him!

[A cautionary note to sensitive readers: Matt makes no pretense toward self-censorship.]

Gee. What can I say? I've never responded well to flattery.... I mean, source of all evil, wow, that's too kind. Really, it is. I'm not really the source of all evil.

At least, not yet.
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