Tuesday, November 16, 2004
The Libertarian Stunner

Twice, in as many days, Max Borders has left me gasping for my intellectual breath. The first eye-opener appeared a few days ago (though I only just read it) in his Tech Central Station column in which he lays out very probable plans for making the Libertarian Party a viable political entity in the United States; and the second appeared on his personal blog Jujitsui Generis, where he dissected and diagnosed the Dutch response to the murder of documentarian Theo Van Gogh by a Muslim extremist.

Stunning stuff, like I said, and both pieces should be thoroughly perused. I found Mr. Borders during research for my upcoming exploration of the political differences between Reasonoids and Samizdatans; and as it turns out, he's already done some similar thinking on the subject. Jujitsui Generals is on my BlogRoll, and I'm in the process of parsing his output. It's amazing stuff, so far. My exploration may now be superfluous. We'll see.

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